Impacts of Startups on Higher Education

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 - 12:51

Today’s universities are more open and eager to adopting new models and fostering stronger affiliations to increase their value and effectiveness.

According to the Forbes report, educational organizations are a lot more open to partnerships now and have expanded their relationships with different types of companies to further education, knowledge and access to resources for students. As a company, it is important to take advantage of the opportunity to partner with such educational institutions.

Partnerships can be an incredible asset, especially when both organizations share similar core values and priorities. For example, a company is partnering with a university to enrich the academic experience for their students. The students are gaining valuable exposure to small business experience and the university is adding value to their academic programs. Together, the core values and priorities revolve around providing students with the best resources and experience to set them up for success.

Current trends like incubator programs, internal innovation teams and strategic, hands-on learning experiences will be the new norm for thriving colleges and universities. So, it is imperative that you work with the educational institution to make sure you are providing value for them.


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