Iranian App Helping Hearing Impaired Better Communicate

Saturday, July 27, 2019 - 11:23

An Iranian startup has designed a new application which can improve quality of life for people with hearing loss and help them better communicate with others.

According to an ISCA report, Iranian researchers develop the “hanapp” application through applying artificial intelligence.

Alireza Abadian, the technical manager of the startup, stated that the application has a variety of components that help the people with hearing impairment to do their daily chores and have easier lives, IRNA reports.

“A set of different voices are recorded in the memory of this application; for example the sound of door or the honk of a car; the application identifies these pre-recorded voices in the surrounding environment and send messages to the user and tells what voices they are,” said Abadian.

“The application is also sensitive to different frequencies. The frequency of some sounds change a lot, like the babies’ sounds; these kind of sounds cannot be pre-recorded, but hanapp modifies the frequency of the sounds based on the environment and alarms the user whenever the frequency is at the most appropriate rate. For example, a wide range of frequencies are configured for babies’ cries or laughs,” he added.

“Another service of this application is changing the speech into writing. For example, if the hearing impaired people want to do shopping or take some classes, they can use the application to convert people’s speech into writing.”

“The application also reads a different set of barcodes. These barcodes, which are specifically designed for people with hearing loss, will be placed in historical sites and recreational facilities. With scanning these barcodes, all the information about that specific place will be explained to the user in sign language.”

“Currently, the barcodes are being prepared and with cooperation of the relevant organizations, they will be installed in specific places in near future.”

“Hanapp is the only software in the world that is specifically designed for the people with hearing loss and we have registered it as a patent.”

According to Abadian, the application has been available for about a month now, and can be downloaded in both Google Play and Bazaar.


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