Buin Zahra IAU to Export Smart Subsurface Drip Irrigation System to Arab Countries

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 - 12:04

The head of Buin Zahra IAU Incubator center has announced on exporting smart subsurface drip irrigation system to Arab countries.

According to an ISCA report, subsurface drip irrigation is a variation from conventional surface drip irrigation techniques. By minimizing evaporation, it uses water more efficiently than surface irrigation.

In this regard, Mehdi Moharrampour stated that as a low-cost smart way, ‘WaterSuab’ will enter the domestic and foreign market. In the past, traditional irrigation systems in gardens was widely used techniques, causing costly for Iran because of dehydration. Now, dehydration is a major problem in the country.

He noted that automatic error-monitoring system in the smart model, ability of shifting easily, fixing problems by removing the dropper and monitoring irrigation networks intelligently, reducing water consumption, up to 50%, fertilizer consumption more that 50% and energy consumption by more than 70% and having nanoparticle filteration are some advantages of this stsyem.

Moharrampour explained more features of the system, working both mechanically and automatically, which are preventing chemical fertilizers usage, keeping weeds from growing, reducing soil salinity and increasing trees’ life without requiring system replacement.

As he said, this system has been submitted in America, also inside the country, “now, is in the production stage and ready for entering industry.”

Smart subsurface drip irrigation system is a very effective method that transports the water directly to the roots and is especially appropriate for arid and windy locations.


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