Iran Exporting Nanotech Equipment to China

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 - 12:48

Nanotech equipment and training packages are being exported to China by an Iranian nanotechnology company.

Faeqeh Eslamipour, director of the company, stated that the company has exported 27 nanotech equipments to China so far, IRNA reports.

According to the agreement, signed in 2015, the company will export 105 pieces of equipment such as electrospinning, sputtering and exploding wire equipment, worth one million dollars to China by the end of the fifth year, she said.

As she said, the company has previously held educational workshops in India, Indonesia, Turkey, and Oman and has attended several related meetings and exhibitions in other countries, “We have also held nanotechnology workshops for students in China.”

The company has also signed an agreement with an Omani company in order to launch an educational portal in Oman, which is now available in Arabic and English languages.


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