Iranian Students Shine in 2019 FIRA RoboWorld Cup

Saturday, August 17, 2019 - 14:46

Iranian representatives have succeeded in winning 14 championship, 8 vice-champion and and 5 third place title at the Roboworld Cup in South Korea's Changwon on Friday.

According to an ISCA report, Iranian robotics teams displayed a great performance in the 24th edition of FIRA RoboWorld Cup in South Korea, held from 11th to 16th August 2019.

The head of Iran's National Robotics Committee, FIRA, Dr. Soroush Sadeghnejad stated that in the section of FIRA AIR the team of AUTMan from Amirkabir University of Technology won the championship title in technical competitions.

The team also became runner-up in the main competition, in the same league, and won 3rd place in emergency service indoor as well. In Student League, in the category of FIRA Air competition for Autonomous Race flying robots, the robotics team Arman, located in Mashhad, became champion.

In SimuroSot category, AUTMan-AMOS could perform well against its rivals from China, South Korea, Mexico, Taiwan and Singapore, and won third place in this scientific event. In FIRA Sports, in the section of RoboSot Race, AUTMan ranked 2nd as well.

In FIRA Challenges, in Autonomous Cars, the Microdev team came in first in technical competitions, also the teams Hope, from Shamsipour Technical College, and Kerman_UPNOP ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively in Innovation and Business section. In Student section of the same league, the team “Little Scientists” could win the first place as well.

Iranian students also competed strongly in various leagues against their opponents from America, Germany, South Korea, Turkey, Russia, Malaysia, Philippines, China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan and Canada and received honors in the 24th edition, organized by the Federation of International Robosports Association (FIRA).


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