IAU Researcher Discovers the Thought Behind Iranian 1500-Years Animation

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - 14:33

A researcher from Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran branch, has discovered the thought behind the Iranian 1500-years animation.

According to an ISCA report, Mohammad Aref, Associate Professor at Art College of Central Tehran IAU, has had a deep consideration of a 1500-years stone board under the title of Boar Hunting with a length of 5m and width of 4m.

The remarkable piece of pottery has been engraved at body of a mountain, located at Tagh Bostan, and is belonging to the last dynasty of Sassanid Emperor but recently, archaeologists noticed the special relationship between the images is an animation story.

Based on the research, “Finding out Iranian 1500-Years Animation Thought at Tagh Bostan of Kermanshah,” this stone tableau is a sample of the first idea of animation in the world. This is because animation art history came back to 1892 in Paris without any previous records in any papers, books and/or encyclopedia about ancient animation.

The essay is based upon documents, library notes, field studies and also laboratory technique at animation workshops and university photography to find out any ideas about Iranian 1500-years hunting.

As a result, the age of modern animation is 50 years in Iran. Meanwhile the findings of this research show that the position of ancient Iranian artists is equal with most advanced ideologists of animation in the world.

Tagh Bostan area is a very attractive Tourism place of Iran. The stone carved tableau of boar hunting is one of the pioneer arts of stone cutting and animation of Iranian artists at Sassanid age in the world. Rather than narration art and movement and native/ religious story telling art, stone carved Boar Hunting shows that its artist was firstly an Iranian person and secondly had an animation idea in his mind.

Since Iranian plateau always includes a lot of doctors, astronomers, poets, policy makers and specific artists, there is a question that " Why there is not any name of artists in the field of playing arts, music and painting at any historical proves? It is in a way that foot prints of Iranian animation designers have been remained from third millennium at Zabol and Sassanid Emperor.


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