Bust Sculpture of Avicenna to be Unveiled Inside and Outside the Country

Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 13:01

On the occasion of Avicenna Commemoration Day, Avicenna Cultural and Scientific Foundation will unveil the statue of this Persian Muslim physician-philosopher.

According to an ISCA report, the statue of Persian Muslim physician-philosopher, Avicenna, will be installed in main roads as well as scientific and research centers inside and outside the country.

Master Hadi Arabnarmi has designed and carved the bust sculpture based on a painting by the late Master Abol-Hassan Khan Sedigui approved by the Society for the National Heritage of Iran in 1945.

In this regard, Tavakol Daraei, head of Avicenna Cultural and Scientific Foundation, stated that carrying out this project aims at introducing the Persian polymath, defending Avicenna’s Iranian identity and emphasizing on Islamic countries’ cultural sharing.

Avicenna also Ibn Sīnā or Abu Ali Sina (AD 980-1037) was born in a village near Bukhara in present Uzbekistan. In addition to learning the basics of medicine, the Iranian scientist discovered numerous treatments and new therapies.

He was a polymath who is regarded as one of the most significant physicians, astronomers, thinkers, and writers of the Islamic Golden Age.

The father of medical science has listed in his famous book 'The Canon of Medicine' a list of 800 pure drugs. The Canon of Medicine is an encyclopedia of medicine in five books compiled by Avicenna and completed later.

The Persian philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician died at the age of 57 in Hamedan, western Iran.


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