Iranian Researcher Creates Smart Uniform for Soldiers

Sunday, October 20, 2019 - 14:08

Iranian researchers have created smart uniforms for soldiers using an array of sensors to monitor vital signs and detect radioactive and landmines.

According to an ISCA report, Amir Abbas Mohammadi, the project head, explained that the vital signs and the geographical location are displayed on an LCD.

He declared that the prototype included three sections: garment, gloves and boots, each of them with special abilities. “In the first phase, we introduced gloves for climbers that could provide heat to the user at a temperature of minus 40 degrees; also in areas without signal they could provide vital signs and geographical indications to the climber. These gloves will prevent climbers from getting lost,” he said.

The boots are equipped to advance micro-scanners that can find mines 40 centimeters. They also sense radioactive material and notify the soldier by displaying their data on a screen, Iranian media quoted him as saying.

The outfit’s 12 sensors can measure pulse, blood pressure, humidity, temperature, coordinates, distance as well as light. It is also equipped with lasers for various functions.

The project won the third place in Istanbul International Inventions Fair (ISIF’19) last month in which 400 teams and 1,000 inventors from 30 countries participated.


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