AI Can Predict Lightning Strikes

Saturday, November 9, 2019 - 14:06

Researchers of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne have developed an interestingly new way to predict lightning strikes.

According to the EPFL official website, researchers could predict lightning strikes to the nearest 10 to 30 minutes and within a radius of 30 kilometers.

At EPFL’s School of Engineering, researchers in the Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory, led by Farhad Rachidi, have developed a simple and inexpensive system that can predict when lightning will strike to the nearest 10 to 30 minutes, within a 30-kilometer radius.

The system uses a combination of standard meteorological data and artificial intelligence. The research paper has been published in Climate and Atmospheric Science, a Nature partner journal.

“Current systems are slow and very complex, and they require expensive external data acquired by radar or satellite,” explains Amirhossein Mostajabi, the PhD student who came up with the technique. “Our method uses data that can be obtained from any weather station. That means we can cover remote regions that are out of radar and satellite range and where communication networks are unavailable.”


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