How to Watch Mercury Travel That Won’t Happen Until 2032

Monday, November 11, 2019 - 10:12

The planet Mercury will pass directly between Earth and the Sun on Monday, November 11.

According to the Verge report, this transit will start at 7:35 AM ET and will last for about five and a half hours, giving people plenty of time to check in on the planet’s progress.

As NASA notes on a post about the transit: “even with solar viewing glasses, Mercury is too small to be easily seen with the unaided eye.” You’ll need a telescope or binoculars outfitted with a special solar filter to watch the transit as it happens.

The last time Mercury transited the Sun was in May 2016, when astronomers managed to capture some incredibly crisp footage, and gorgeous pictures, of the event.

The next transit won’t happen until 2032, so NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory will be tracking the event, and will be uploading images of the event as it happens.


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