IAU Knowledge-Based Company to Export Herbal Medicines to Syria, Iraq and Turkey

Monday, November 11, 2019 - 14:42

A knowledge-based company which is located in Islamic Azad University Science and Technology Park has produced herbal medicines that are going to be exported to various countries.

According to an ISCA report, Peelicent Cream, Dermacent Cream, Centella TST and Teacent Herbal Teabag are the products produced by TST knowledge-based company located in IAU Science and Technology Park.

In this regard, Ali Mazooji, Rudehen IAU faculty member and the head TST, explained that Peelicent Cream is the first Iranian anti-stretch mark cream which can heal stretch marks and scars, also is very effective in whitening and skin rejuvenation.

Dermacent Cream can protect skin from various ulcers including cuts and burns, skin wrinkles and removes acne scars and dark marks, he noted.

As the first herbal medicines with the long-lasting properties, mechanism of stress and anxiety reduction and depression treatment, Centella TST can boost collagen, rejuvenates the skin and treats peptic ulcer disease as well, he declared.

He added that Teacent Herbal Teabag can improve memory, perception and learning so it helps prevent Alzheimer's.

The faculty member of Roudehen IAU spoke of the company’s creativity and remarked that Iran's first Museum of Plants was designed and created by this company as well.

Mazooji also noted that exporting such products to Syria, Iraq and Turkey as well as mass production of centella asiatica leaves are the most important prospects of this company.


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