Researchers to Establishing Universal Standards in Quantum Standardization

Wednesday, November 27, 2019 - 08:01

Researchers from University of Waterloo have recently reached to the method that could pave the way for establishing universal standards for measuring the performance of quantum computers.

According to the paper "Characterizing large-scale quantum computers via cycle benchmarking" which released in Nature Communications, this new method, called cycle benchmarking, allows researchers to assess the potential of scalability and to compare one quantum platform against another.

This finding could go a long way toward establishing standards for performance and strengthen the effort to build a large-scale, practical quantum computer," said Joel Wallman, an assistant professor at Waterloo's Faculty of Mathematics and Institute for Quantum Computing.

"A consistent method for characterizing and correcting the errors in quantum systems provides standardization for the way a quantum processor is assessed, allowing progress in different architectures to be fairly compared."

Cycle benchmarking provides a solution that helps quantum computing users to both determine the comparative value of competing hardware platforms and increase the capability of each platform to deliver robust solutions for their applications of interest.


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