Iranian Inventor Develops Smart ShrewdShoe for Real-Time Monitoring of Plantar Pressure

Sunday, January 12, 2020 - 12:30

An inventor from University of Tehran have designed and developed a wearable in-shoe system for real-time monitoring and measurement of the plantar pressure distribution of the foot using eleven sensing elements.

According to an ISCA report, Arsalan Amralizadeh in cooperation with his colleagues could design and develop smart ShrewdShoe as a proper method for gait analysis. This can assist patients with gait disorders as well as healthy people to overcome or prevent unhealthy walking habits.

Based on the research, “the sensing elements utilized in ShrewdShoe have been designed in an innovative way, based on a barometric pressure sensor covered with a silicon coating.

“The presented sensing element has great linearity up to 300 N and is very durable. It can withstand excessive burst pressures without any damage. This makes ShrewdShoe applicable in a variety of fields such as gait analysis, activity analysis, sports performance optimization, and detection of gait disorders.

“ShrewdShoe comes with a built-in IoT (Internet of things) module in order to wirelessly communicate with a PC or smartphone. Due to its low cost and durability, it can be used for everyday wear in order to continuously acquire data.

“Plantar pressure distribution of the foot maps has been constructed based on obtained data and used for preliminary validation of sensor readings.”

The research has been carried out by Arsalan Amralizadeh, Amir Mehdi Shayan, Arman Khazaei, Mehdi Tale Masouleh and Amin Hamed from School of ECE of University of Tehran.


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