By: Peyman Naeemi

Iran Medical Tourism Opportunities/ Hot Water Springs

Saturday, January 18, 2020 - 14:53
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With more than 450 hot water and mineral springs, Iran has the potential to become one of the leading countries in “Wellness Tourism”.

Wellness tourism is regarded as a subcategory of health tourism. Health tourism is "the sum of all the relationships and phenomena resulting from a change of location and residence by people in order to promote, stabilize and, as appropriate, restore physical, mental and social well-being while using health services and for whom the place where they are staying is neither their principle nor permanent place of residence or work". (Mueller & Cufmann)

The primitive forms of “Health Tourism” were mostly included the journey to hot and mineral springs. Moreover, using hot and mineral springs were widespread through “the middle” era, where it was believed to have curative effects. In 1700, and 1800 using the water and mineral sediments at “Budden” city was popular among Europeans. Amid the 19th century, the middle-class showed a big preference for freshwater & air of the mountains as a means to get rid of city pollution.

Regarding Iran`s awe-inspiring hot springs, it is absolutely beneficial for both – the country and tourists_ to take ultimate advantage of this phenomenon. Iran has 472 hot and minerals springs each has its own sediments and beneficiaries. There are many numbers of ailments that can be cured by these minerals and sludge therapy. Regarding the fact that this type of tourism can be used in all seasons, it is a striking point in terms of sustainable tourism policies. (Magiran)

What`s more, preparing influential programs (meetings) in hot water spring sites, including teaching a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, curative and prevention counseling, solving personal difficulties like depression, and eastern treatment can be of help to enhance this burgeoning industry for both domestic and international tourists.

To sum it up, considering the increasing tensions among the politicians recently, as a strong mean of foreign policy, medical tourism can certainly play a major role in bringing peace and happiness for the so-called civilized modern world that we live in.

Author: Peyman Naeemi, Editor in Chief of Intl service at Iran Student Correspondents Assiciation/ ISCA


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