MERC Researchers Develop a Method to Decrease Fuel Consumption

Monday, January 20, 2020 - 10:34

Researchers from Iran’s Materials and Energy Research Center (MERC) have developed a new method to decrease fuel consumption at refineries and power plants for the first time in the country.

According to the Fars News Agency, faculty member of MERC Seyed Amirhossein Zamzamian stated that fluid hybrid nano fuels are a new class of nanotechnology-based fuels with applications in power plants, refineries and other industries to decrease fuel consumption and air pollution.

Another MERC faculty member Abouzar Masoudi, announced that a research team succeeded in producing a semi-industrial silicon carbide/carbon nanocomposite powder for the lithium-ion battery anode, used in the battery industry.

As he said, lithium batteries with silicon anodes and fast-charging batteries can take the benefits of the produced nanocomposite powder and the goal of localizing the technology of producing lithium-ion batteries was to help the resilient economy of the country.


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