Iranian Scientists Develop Domestic Gamma Probe System

Monday, January 20, 2020 - 14:25

Researchers from a knowledge based company, Parto Negar Persia Co. Ltd, have developed a domestic gamma probe system to identify and remove the sentinel node(s) using a minimally invasive procedure.

According to an ISCA report, the head of Negar Persia Co. Ltd, Dr. Mohammad Reza Ay stated that due to the high prevalence of breast cancer, making surgical mistakes in removing lymph nodes could lead to the metastasis which means that cancer spreads to a different body part from where it started.

Dr. Ay added that gamma probe is now used as the most common and popular device to locate tissues, such as tumors, parathyroid glands, and lymph nodes, within the human body. Proper use of a gamma probe allows the surgeon to make a smaller incision and have greater confidence that exploration was successful, and the tissues of interest have been located.

“One of the most common uses of gamma probes is in a surgical procedure called a Sentinel Node Biopsy. Sentinel Node Biopsies can be used to determine whether a tumour has metastasized, or spread to new locations. Sentinel Node Biopsies are common for staging breast cancer and melanoma, and are becoming increasingly popular in staging other forms of cancer. Sentinel Node Biopsies most commonly use a radioisotope called Technetium-99m,” Care Wise reported.

As he said, this device has been created in the U.S., Germany and France so far but none of them are in our country so in this regard, our researchers could achieve to the device production technical knowledge because the domestic production could pave the way for preventing patients’ risk of complications after surgery.


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