Alireza Ghorbani Wins 2019 Akademia Music Awards

Monday, January 20, 2020 - 16:37

Alireza Ghorbani, Iranian traditional vocalist, has been honored in the 2019 Akademia Music Awards.

According to the MNA report, Alireza Ghorbani won an award for the track ‘El Sueno’ at the 2019 Akademia Music Awards.

Based on the news, ‘El Sueno’ from the musician’s ‘Sounds and Bridges’ album has been picked a winner by the 2019 Akademia Music Awards.

The track, composed by Ehsan Matouri, was picked out of 1500 other competing submissions in the same genre. It was recognized as the best world musical piece in all categories, including composition, arrangement, and vocals.

The Akademia Music Awards is dedicated to recognizing top musical talents from all across the globe, according to its website.


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