Iranian Deputy Minister of Agriculture-Jihad:

Iran to Launch 1st Chamber of Agricultural Guilds

Sunday, February 9, 2020 - 11:00

An official of Agriculture-Jihad Ministry has announced that by approval of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Central Organization of the Rural Cooperatives (CORC) is going to launch Iran's first chamber of the agricultural guilds by the next six months.

According to an ISCA report, Hossein Shirzad, who is also the chairman of the Board of the CORC, said that development of the chambers of the agricultural guilds will facilitate not only the legal affairs for the farmers but also can boost the production.

Referring to the identification and coding of more than 108 agricultural professions, based on the international standards, he confirmed that exemption of the CORC from the Act of Privatization could assume a revitalizing period accompanied by restructuring for this organization.

"Boosting the capital raising of CORC, marketing the agricultural crops in the Iran mercantile Exchange (IME) for the first time including (Estameran date, tomato paste, milk powder and saffron) as well as the deflation control of tomato during the overproduction period are of the most economic achievements of CORC in the agro- marketing field" , shirzad added.

Noting that the majority of the tomato has been processed, packed in bulk and sold through the IME, Shirzad went on the remaining aseptic packs of tomato paste will be sold in from 20th of Feb to 19th March, with a more confident marginal profit.

Capturing the emerging markets of saffron by purchasing more than 70 tons of saffron by CORC has protected small scale farmers against price fluctuation. Meanwhile, by the meticulous monitoring of the credit units nationwide, CORC has succeeded to close more than 1200 failed one, Shirzad implied, adding that currently there are only 14 credit cooperatives throughout the country.

"Modifying the Statute of the Iranian Rural Cooperative Fund and changing of its Board's members, employing the young and educated managers for the Human Resource Development (HRD) of the national unions, agreed-purchasing of more than 17 crops and regulating the horticultural markets (oranges and apples) for the Persian Iranian New Year, Norooz, (Started from the, March, 20th) are the master projects of the CORC that has been successfully implemented", the Official said.

Reminding the strength points of Fars province, as a strong agricultural hub, he called this province a significant district for the transaction of wheat and tomato, furthermore ,he continues I am going to implement significant project in this province including coordination of the agreed purchasing of wheat ,citrus, dates and, and apple for the next year . Besides, Fars is going to be designated as the regional hub for launching the first pilot plan for decision making on the bankrupted cooperatives.

"The success experience of Fars in organizing the bankrupted cooperatives could be replicated in the neighboring provinces. Also ,CORC is planning to buy a food processing factory located in the industrial zone and in the vicinity of the farms for processing and packing of tomato in the near future " ,Shirzad said.


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