IAU Faculty Member Develops Solar & Wind Powered Hybrid Vehicle

Monday, February 17, 2020 - 10:10

A faculty member of Khorramabad IAU, department of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, has successfully registered her patent, solar and wind powered hybrid vehicle, in intellectual property center.

According to an ISCA report, the patent of Hajar Bagheri Tolabi which is “hybrid vehicle powered by water, wind and solar energy” has been registered in Real Estate Registration Organization of Iran, Intellectual Property Center.

Due to scarcity of fossil fuel in future and its detrimental effect on the environment, an alternative energy has to be discovered. Also, water, wind and solar energies may be one of the alternative solutions to overcome energy shortage and to reduce greenhouse gaseous emission.

In this regard, the hybrid model system is renewable energy system, which helps conserve energy by reducing the use of fuel in vehicle.

Intellectual property (IP) rights are based mainly on patents for technical inventions and on copyrights for artistic works. Patents are granted only if inventions display minimal levels of utility, novelty and non-obviousness of technical know-how. By contrast, copyrights protect only final works and their derivatives, but guarantee protection for longer periods.


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