Iran Completes the Saffron Value Chain by Supportive Purchasing

Sunday, February 23, 2020 - 20:24

Iranian Deputy Minister of Agriculture-Jihad has provided a complimentary report of supportive purchasing of saffron.

According to an ISCA report, Deputy Minister of Agriculture-Jihad and Chief of the Central Organization of Rural Cooperatives (CORC) Hossein Shirzad underlined that following the ongoing support of saffron farmers and stated that there is no concern on payment of farmers' debt.

Elaborating the goals of saffron supportive purchasing, Shirzad enumerated the saffron advantages including high employment rate, compatibility with semi-dry climate, non-competitiveness with spring and summer crops, economical usage of water and labor force and high value in the international market, CORC has been purchasing saffron from the first days of harvesting.

"Three hubs of saffron production including Razavi, South and North Khorasan have produced about 69 tons, 2 tons and 76 kg saffron, respectively. CORC has purchased the above-mentioned volume by the supportive price that equals double the market routine price," he added.

Explaining the payment procedure of saffron farmers' debts, the Official asserted that by now, CORC had settled 32% of the farmers' due debts and we are going to settle the remaining debt by collaboration of the Central Bank of Iran(CBI), planning and Budget Organization(PBO) and the other agent banks.

"In the 2019 cropping year (Feb-Nov), despite deflation, CORC had succeeded not only to purchase about 68 tons saffron but also to settle the farmers' debts by June, 1st. After the Physico-chemical examination, the saffron has been graded, packed and stored in the standard warehouses. Each pack carries a 4 digit barcode that indicates the quality and quantity specifications. Equipped with the temperature and humidity control devices, these warehouses keep the saffron quality to facilitate exporting", the deputy minister said.


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