Iran Suspends China Presence at Tehran Book Fair Over Coronavirus Fears

Monday, February 24, 2020 - 09:52

The 33rd Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) deputy director announced that China’s presence in the book fair has been suspended following the new coronavirus epidemic.

According to the Persian service of IRNA, TIBF deputy director Qader Ashena said that “at present, due to the security and health measures to control the spread of the coronavirus, it has been arranged that Chinese writers and publishers will not attend the fair.”

China was the guest of honor at the fair last year with the motto of “Getting to Know China”. Ashena denied some reports about the organizer’s decision to postpone the book fair and stated that they are making all necessary preparations to organize the event at the time planned.

Turkey is TIBF guest of honor this year. Ashena said that a Turkish cultural delegation was scheduled to arrive in Tehran on Sunday.

However, the director of the public relations team for the fair, Seyyed Mohammad Tabatabai, announced on Sunday the organizers are mulling over the postponement of the event.

Last Wednesday, Iranian authorities confirmed the first cases of the new coronavirus, known as COVID-19, in the country.

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