Scientists Discover New Stem Cells with the Ability to Generate New Bone

Monday, March 9, 2020 - 11:31

Researchers of University of Connecticut have recently discovered a population of stem cells with the ability to generate new bone.

According to the Science Daily report, lead investigator Dr. Ivo Kalajzic, professor of reconstructive sciences, postdoctoral fellows Dr. Sierra Root and Dr. Natalie Wee, and collaborators at Harvard, Maine Medical Research Center, and the University of Auckland present a new population of cells that reside along the vascular channels that stretch across the bone and connect the inner and outer parts of the bone.

"This is a new discovery of perivascular cells residing within the bone itself that can generate new bone forming cells," said Kalajzic. "These cells likely regulate bone formation or participate in bone mass maintenance and repair."

In this study, Kalajzic and his team are the first to report the existence of progenitor cells within cortical bone that can generate new bone-forming cells -- osteoblasts -- that can be used to help remodel a bone.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers observed the stem cells within an ex vivo bone transplantation model. These cells migrated out of the transplant, and began to reconstruct the bone marrow cavity and form new bone.

The results of the study has been published in the journal STEM CELLS


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