Chinese Factory Producing Reusable Bacteria-Killing Masks

Monday, March 9, 2020 - 16:51

A medical gear producer in south China’s Guangdong Province has been developing a reusable medical face mask using high-tech nanosilver technology.

According to the CGTN report, though their small production line limits how many masks they can produce, the company’s general manager Zhou Jiafa is confident that the nanosilver fabric lining the masks can help protect users against viruses and bacteria.

“We added a special nanosilver fabric, which is patented technology by our company. It has water absorptivity. It absorbs water, and the humid air as we exhale. The nanosilver particles continuously release ions, which are able to kill viruses and bacteria,” said Zhou.

“After eight hours of use per day and based on tests conducted by Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the bacteria content of our masks is lower than that of a national standard mask,” he added.

“Our company is the first in China to be nationally qualified for nanosilver medical products. Following the outbreak, a special policy was put in place and anti-bacterial and anti-viral usage of masks has to be inspected and approved by Guangdong’s Drug Administration and Administration of Market Regulation of Zhuhai,” said Zhou.


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