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We Witness People's Disunity at the Time of COVID-19 Outbreak: Laurie Garrett

Saturday, March 14, 2020 - 22:57

Laurie Garrett, American science journalist and author, Andrew Revkin, American science and environmental journalist, author and educator and Peyman Naeemi, editor-in-chief in ISCA News Agency have discussed Iran, U.S. condition at the time of coronavirus outbreak.

In this exclusive interview, Peyman Naeemi explained more about Iran's condition, people's unity as well as the negative effects of fake news these days; also Laurie Garrett emphasized on the significant role of trust among the people and their government at the time of crisis.

"Here in the United State, we have the level of disunity as a nation that some have argued has never been worse since the civil war in 1860," she said, added that, "We are so deeply divided as people. And on this we have a president who is saying "everything is under control."


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