Abhar IAU Dorm Prepared For Convalescence of Coronavirus Patients

Monday, March 16, 2020 - 14:24

Abhar IAU dorm has been prepared for convalescence of coronavirus patients, said the deputy of Zanjan Province Islamic Azad University Medical Branch.

Speaking to the ISCA NEWS Agency reporter, Masoumeh Shakeri declared that Abhar IAU dorm has been equipped for the purpose due to its safe distance of residential areas.

She noted that producing medical guns, face masks and hand sanitizer gel as well as designing and creating chemical disinfectants and alcohol compounds are some actions the university has taken during this crisis.

The Student Basij of the province is also backing people through distributing comprehensive package of material support among them.

With the spread of the Coronavirus in Iran, popular mobilization groups are helping the Ministry of Health and Medical Education to fight the virus.

These days, various people, including youth of Zanjan, with the help of donors are actively fighting against the Coronavirus by disinfecting everywhere.

Gelare Khademvesal

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