Winnipeg Researchers Claim to Launch a Treatment for COVID-19 by 'End of Summer'

Sunday, March 22, 2020 - 02:31

Researchers of WINNIPEG Research Hub have claimed they are close to launching a treatment for COVID-19 by the end of summer.

According to its official website, Emergent Biosoutions is creating two COVID-19 treatments out of the University of Manitoba.The treatments use antibodies that bind with the virus to help the body fight it.

"You think of it as sort of a piece of our immune system that grabs hold of that virus or bacteria and helps us deal with it," Dr. Laura Saward, the senior vice president and therapeutics business unit head at Emergent BioSolutions.

One treatment uses antibodies from previously infected patients, and the other collects antibodies from vaccinated horses.

The treatments are not vaccines and are to be used as a way to help patients recover or to protect people exposed to the virus in the short-term.

"These are treatments that you'd use as a rescue therapy to help people that are sick with the virus in hospital, as well as a way to use it to prevent infection," said Saward.

The team has created a number of drugs using this platform and said bringing new drugs, like the COVID-19 treatments, is a familiar process.

A clinical trial of the treatments will be held in about four months. "What we are targeting with our plasma collection already started, is that we have product available by the end of summer," said Dr. Saward.


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