What is Coronavirus’ Achilles' Heel? Researchers Find

Sunday, April 5, 2020 - 14:42

Scripps Research scientists reported that there appears to be a specific area of the coronavirus that could be targeted with drugs and other therapies.

Scripps scientists say the spot is crucial to spreading the highly contagious virus, and that its composition suggests that it would be vulnerable to drugs, in accordance to the San Diego Tribune.

The specific place, in accordance to biologist Ian Wilson, who led the scientific group, “is crucial to spreading the highly contagious virus, and … its composition indicates that it would be susceptible to drugs.”

The discovery was printed Friday in the journal Science and arrives as experts globally are performing feverishly to locate a vaccine or overcome for the pandemic that has devastated international marketplaces and brought on a lot more than 63,000 deaths around the globe.

An antibody taken from a SARS affected individual years earlier was utilised in the discovery, as scientists recognized it had hooked up alone to a distinct section of the virus, and ended up in a position to repeat the phenomenon with COVID-19, supporting to detect a coronavirus weak spot, in accordance to the report.

Sadly, the weak place is not easy to locate. “We located that this (place) is commonly concealed within the virus, and only exposed when that element of the virus modifications its structure, as it would in natural infection,” Wilson’s colleague, Meng Yuan, mentioned in a statement.


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