Watch Mercury, Venus, and the Moon All Unite In This Week's Skies

Monday, May 18, 2020 - 11:16

From May 21 through May 25, Mercury, Venus, and our Moon will all dance together in Earth's post-sunset skies.

Mercury is currently emerging from behind the Sun, while Venus is swinging between the Sun and Earth, according to the Forbes.

In our skies, Venus now approaches the post-sunset horizon while Mercury gets farther from it. On the nights of May 21 and May 22, they will almost coincide, passing within 0.9° of one another.

Venus's thin crescent phase should be clearly visible through a pair of binoculars. Nearby, in that same field-of-view, Mercury should also be readily apparent.

Over the next few nights, Venus descends and Mercury continues rising, with both joined by the waxing Moon.

On May 23, Venus and the Moon will make a close approach, visible shortly after sunset. The next night, May 24, sees the Moon make a close pass by Mercury, with Venus still close by.

Mercury continues its ascent until June 4, but its brush with Venus and the Moon is your best viewing opportunity.


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