Iranian Researchers Create Dry Fog Disinfection System

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 - 11:24

Iranian researchers from Pardis Science and Technology Park have created a dry fog disinfection system to sterilize different surfaces and areas against COVID-19.

According to an ISCA report, one of the researchers, Babak Shahbazian stated that in this method, the turbojet engine of the device takes the air and makes it very dense and pushes it to the system’s nozzle.

As he said, the dry fog includes little drops of disinfectant with a diameter less than 5 microns which enables the user to sterilize the area and surfaces in the most effective way.

In a relevant development, a knowledge-based company in Iran produced a home-made system which uses the Ultraviolet (UV) radiation to sterilize areas contaminated with coronavirus without any need to alcohol.

“The system uses radiation to disinfect the area instead of disinfecting gels and solutions and its sterilizing power is much more than ordinary systems which spray alcoholic liquids,” Sajjad Aqasizadeh, the CEO of Ajand Pajouhan Tous company, said on Sunday.

He added that due to the fact that the UV radiation harms the human body skin, the system is used to disinfect equipment and tools which cannot be sterilized by using disinfectants, including the telecommunication equipment, letters, etc.


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