Dr. Tehranchi Congratulates IAU 38th Anniversary

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 14:19

Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi, president of Islamic Azad University, sent a message on the occasion of the university's 38th anniversary of its establishment.

According to an ISCA report, Dr. Tehranchi issued a note on the occasion of the university's 38th anniversary and extended sincere heartfelt congratulations to IAU board of founders and trustees and the university's great family.

Based on the note, Dr. Tehranchi appreciated the university's manpower sincere efforts during the years and stated that undoubtedly, the university's success has owed far more to the efficient, compassionate and proficient manpower who transformed this seedlings into a proud tree.

"Luckily, in the year passed, many satisfactory actions have been taken in line with fundamental changes in the fields of theoretical and managerial issues, knowledge-based economy development and reinforcement and problem-oriented research," he noted.

He pointed out that, moving toward problem-oriented research, leading the university's researchers, creating changes in research policy and planning, updating instructions fitting with the existing necessities, monitoring implementation, organizing the university's scientific journals, changing the university's approach in laboratory network and planning system of topics for student dissertations were some actions which were taken in the field of research.

Also, in the field of research, technology and innovation, the university's missions were solving regional and local issues, taking notice and developing modern agriculture, developing knowledge-based firms market, supporting and strengthening innovation houses, paying attention to accelerators and running technology fund, he noted.

Dr. Tehranchi mentioned the crisis of COVID-19 pandemic and highlighted the university's role in controlling the outbreak through applying all of its scientific, medical, research and knowledge-based capacity.

"Islamic Azad University has been among the first higher educational system which launched online education to stand against the virus outbreak. This valuable experience demonstrated that the university owns suitable infrastructure in using new technology in cyberspace."

The IAU President finally requests all the university's professors, students and its great family to take steps toward realization of the University's programs, strengthening the country's infrastructure as well as meeting needs and solving problems of the country through considering the "production leap" as the slogan of the year, with their double efforts and commitment.


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