Video: Iranian Knowledge-Based Researchers Make “Holofan” Domestically

Saturday, June 20, 2020 - 09:57

Engineers of an Iranian knowledge-based firm have succeeded to create and develop “Holofan”, a cutting-edge solution for creating unique 3D video content with holographic effect.

In his exclusive interview with ISCA News Agency reporter, Reza Montazeri Namin, CEO of Didab Co. stated that Sound-Tunnel and Holofan are two of their products in DIDAB, which has been supported by Sharif University of Technology Incubator.

He explained that “Sound-Tunnel” is a directional speaker using ultrasound tech. This new sound source, while invisible, is very large compared to the audio wavelengths it's generating. So, the resulting audio is now extremely directional, just like a beam of light.

Describing “Holofan” in detail, Montazeri Namin said that Holofans are an effective tool for increasing sales and providing entertainment. Draw lingering crowds, they are the perfect advertising solutions for all businesses, from retail to exhibitions and more.

In comparison with foreign samples, this domestic product, which is so affordable, can be scaled to enormous sizes just by adding more LED fans, the LED fans work together to make one large hologram.

With this new holographic solution, we can create floating hologram in different applications like hologram on events and show or hologram in exhibition and even hologram in windows and look as a transparent display in the window.


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