Shanghai Hosts World Artificial Intelligence Conference

Sunday, July 12, 2020 - 12:00

The 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference has been held on July 10 with the focus on the development of AI technology, especially its industrial transformation from a global perspective.

The event kicked off in Shanghai, with over 500 companies and agencies participating in the event on the theme of "Intelligent World, Indivisible Community,” the Jakarta Post reports.

To emphasize the importance of globalization, the second day of the event was designated International Day. All activities held on this day focused on enhancing global communication by gathering international organizations, government departments, AI enterprises, and innovation projects from all over the world to discuss progress on AI development.

The conference also paid high attention to AI chips innovation, 5G, intelligent management of data, AI applications in law enforcement, financing, unmanned driving, education, healthcare and blockchain, among other topics.

WAIC International Day was officially launched July 10 at the World Expo Center in Shanghai. This year, WAIC successfully established on-site forums at three overseas countries: South Korea, Singapore, and Germany, receiving nation-wide and international attention.


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