Video: Prof Michael Dezuanni Highlights the Importance of Teaching Media Literacy to Children

Sunday, July 26, 2020 - 14:54

Associate Director of QUT’s Digital Media Research Center, Michael Dezuanni, believes that since media is playing a critical role in society information, involving young people in making media could help them in choosing the true sources of information.

In his exclusive interview with ISCA News Agency reporter, Associate Professor Michael Dezuanni, who undertakes research and teaching in the field of digital cultures and education, which includes film and media education, digital literacies and Arts education, highlighted more about the importance of teaching media literacy to children and its impacts on their decision making in their life.

As he noted, the way of teaching media literacy must be interesting because media literacy will help students draw connections between concepts, encourage student-centered learning, and help students recognize how they fit in to a larger society.


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