AI to Create an Innovative Theatrical Performance

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 - 11:59

Researchers are working on an AI project to create an innovative theatrical performance, which is expected to premiere early next year.

Rudolf Rosa, head of the research team stated that the main idea behind our study came from Tomáš Studeník, an innovator who noticed the centenary of the play 'RUR' is approaching. "This was a key moment for robotics, as the idea of a robot, including the word 'robot' itself, was invented by Karel Čapek and his brother Josef, who wrote this play,” express reports.

Tomáš believed this should be properly celebrated and formulated the idea of turning the story around: 100 years ago, a man wrote a play about robots; what if today, robots wrote a theatre play about men?"

Before the project, the researchers reviewed previous literature exploring the potential of artificial intelligence techniques for the creation of other art forms.

While there are now numerous papers focusing on machine-produced art, including some where computational techniques were used to produce dialogues or story ideas for plays, the automatic generation of an entire theatrical performance is an extremely complex task never-before attempted.

Their plan is to use an approach dubbed hierarchical generation, where the script is split into smaller manageable parts.

Although other research teams have used this approach to generate dialogue, few have attempted to produce an entire play.


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