Iranian Researchers Create Machine to Produce Microfibres Domestically

Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - 11:23
spinning machine

Researchers of an Iranian knowledge-based company have created a polymer microfiber spinning machine that can produce advanced medical dressings.


According to an ISCA report, the CEO of the company Hamed Daemi stated that the project aimed at meeting the needs of industries and research institutes in the field of stem cell technology and reconstructive medicine, tissue engineering, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and polymer by producing or modifying chemical products.

He noted that with numerous applications in a wide range of fields, polymer fibers are being used in medical industry, so, the company produces more than 100 types of products using a machine which is used to make polymer microfibers from polymer solutions.

Daemi added that such microfibers can be applied as advanced dressings for the treatment of diabetic ulcers. Since the technical knowledge of making this device has become indigenous, we are upgrading and developing it. This has become the basis for offering domestically produced products at a lower price and higher quality than imported samples.

As he said, the most important job of this machine is to produce polymer microfibers that are used in advanced medical dressings; changing and optimizing parts to suit the needs of industry can also be considered as one of the capabilities of this machine.



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