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Iscanews (2016)

Tehran Book Garden/ In Photos

نام عکاس: Mohsen Seirafi
زمان انتشار: سه‌شنبه 21 شهریور 1396 09:41

Iran’s biggest scientific and cultural complex, with an area of about 70,000 square meters is home to the world’s largest bookstore. The complex has the world’s biggest bookshop which has a large number of books suitable for children, young adults and adults. It has eight movie theatres, an amphitheater, and two science halls for children and young adults. The garden has been designed in four separate blocks. Block A, titled “Baharestan”, consists of a permanent and a topical bookshop. Block B, named “Khialestan” is home to a pathway named the “Pathway of Culture” which, comprises of a number of main entrances, the “Wonderful Corridor” and the “Depository”. Block C, known as “Negarestan” consists of the garden’s main amphitheater, a gallery and a shop selling cultural products. And finally, Block D, called “Sarvestan”, includes a specialized exhibition and a hall as well as a number of workshops for children and young adults. The garden’s robotic club is a unique part of the complex. The members of the club can take specialized courses in artificial intelligence. The club also provides its members with the opportunity to share their information with their fellow members and those of the similar clubs across the world.

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