mehdi shahabi Iscanews | Made-in-China Project / In Photos
Iscanews (2016)

Made-in-China Project / In Photos

نام عکاس: Yasaman Mohammad
زمان انتشار: چهارشنبه 3 آبان 1396 13:14

Tehran’s Azadi Square hosted Negar Farajiani’s “Made in China” in collaboration with Narsciss M.sohrabi on Monday, October 23, 2017. This ongoing project is an experiment in citizen participation and interactive art in a public space, in the form of a giant three-colored beach ball. This art project was initiated in 2011 and has been displayed in nine cities in five different countries over the course of the last six years. During these years, 3 colors ball passing beyond borders using interaction and play, concerns interdisciplinary concepts like the definition of space and how it is consumed by the contemporary citizen, how a space is introduced, and the presence of an ‘object’ in a public space. Made-in-China is definitely an undeniable fact due to the principle of supply and demand. Any kind of demand or idea, ranging from the most primitive to the most complex ones. Playing with the three-color beach ball in a win-lose game is an allegory for a serious game that makes huge profits for certain people while creating huge losses for others. The 'game' suppresses domestic production by changing economic and consumption patterns.

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