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Iscanews (2016)

Asef Vaziri House / In Photos

نام عکاس: Hazhar Zaheri
زمان انتشار: یکشنبه 18 فروردین 1398 15:17

Asef Vaziri House is a symbol of Kurds tribe's cultural identity, also the most valuable cultural relics of the city of Sanandaj, West of Iran. The house includes the ceremonial hall, rooms and corridors parties and some parts of the eastern spaces is related to Safavid era and the other parts or components have been added in Qajar and Pahlavi periods. Stucco, old Sashes, carved stones, mirror decoration, carved brick and embowed arches has been reflected skillfully and beautiful in this building. In addition to the building entrance and the entrance corridor, aqueducts and dividing water room, has four gates that they are known as the outer courtyard (main), inner courtyard, kitchen garden and employees yard.

شماره گزارش: 656448

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