Azad Payesh Plan

Maku IAU to Create Digital Currency Mining Farm

A digital currency mining farm will be created in Islamic Azad University, Maku branch in order to eliminate the effects of the US imposed sanctions, announced the head of Maku IAU branch.

Miandoab IAU to Run Graduate School of Electronics

Head of Miandoab Islamic Azad University has announced on running a graduate school of electronics in this university.

Varamin IAU to Launch Graduate Schools of Food Industries & Animal Husbandry

The head of Varamin Islamic Azad University has announced on running graduate schools of food industries and animal husbandry next month.

Dr. Tehranchi:

Localizing and Valuing the Humanities among IAU Most Important Programs

The president of Islamic Azad University has stated that localizing and valuing the humanities are among the most important plans of the university in the current year.

IAU Runs “Pajooheshyar System” as Payesh Infrastructure

The Research & Technology Deputy of Central Tehran IAU said that a research assistant network called “Pajooheshyar” has been run as the infrastructure of Azad Payesh Plan.

IAU President:

IAU Must Support Future of the Country’s Progress

The president of Islamic Azad University has emphasized on the outlook of the higher education system which must support the future of the country’s progress.

Yadegar-e-Imam IAU to Hold Startup Weekend Agriculture & Food Industry

The head of Scientific Secretariat and Transportation Networks of Yadegar-e-Imam (RA) IAU has announced that Startup Weekend Agriculture and Food Industry will be held on January 27-29 at Imam Khomeini Musalla.

Golestan IAU to Solve Problems of Fishing Industry

The head of Islamic Azad University, Golestan branch, has stated that the university is responsible to investigate the problems of fishery industry, so the provisions of circular will be codified until the next month.

Dr. Davoud Samari:

“Azad Payesh Plan” to Focus on Targeted-Thesis Plan

The Head of Technology Development and Industrial Relations of Islamic Azad University stated that targeting academic thesis is one of the advantages of Azad Payesh Plan.

The Place of Research in IAU

Islamic Azad University has recently paid significant attention to “Research” and through applying research-based education as well as running "Azad Payesh Plan" tries to provide best expertise and skill in it.

IAU Research and Technology Deputy:

IAU Students’ Courses To be Designed Based on "Azad Payesh Plan"

The deputy of IAU Research and Technology has stated that the university courses will be changed based on the "Azad Payesh Plan".

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