MERC Researchers Develop a Method to Decrease Fuel Consumption

Researchers from Iran’s Materials and Energy Research Center (MERC) have developed a new method to decrease fuel consumption at refineries and power plants for the first time in the country.

Iranian Researchers Produce Batteries Made from Rice Bran

A faculty member of University of Tehran has announced on producing a battery made from rice bran.

‘Nothing to Apologize For’ - Still, Seoul Won’t Install More THAAD Systems

Seoul will not move forward with deploying more Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile batteries.

Diamonds Convert Nuclear Waste into Nuclear Batteries

Physicists and chemists at the University of Bristol have discovered a way to convert thousands of tons of seemingly worthless nuclear waste into man-made diamond batteries that can generate a small electric current for longer than the entire history of human civilization.

New Fabric Can Use Sun and Wind to Power Devices

Researchers have developed a fabric that can simultaneously harvest energy from both sunshine and motion.

Researchers Develop Ultra-High Capacity Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside Bourns College of Engineering have developed ultra-high capacity lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and portable electronics.

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