Scientists Find a Crucial New Role For DNA

Researchers from University of Michigan have discovered that how satellite DNA, considered to be "junk DNA", plays a crucial role in holding the genome together.

Researchers Develop a Device to Decode Human Genome

Researchers used a pocket-sized device no bigger than a cellphone to sequence the most complete human genome ever assembled with a single technology, according to a study published Monday.

Researchers Infect a Computer with Malware Coded Into a Strand of DNA

Researchers at the University of Washington infected a computer with malware coded into a strand of DNA.

Researchers Probe Secrets of Bacterial Immune System

Researchers of New Zealand's University of Otago and the Netherlands are investigating the secrets of a surprisingly flexible bacterial immune system, called CRISPR-Cas.

Building a Human Genome from Scratch

Creating a synthetic human genome will require assembling 3 billion base-pairs, each of which can be represented as a rung on the twisting ladder of a DNA molecule.

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