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How the Trump Administration Lost Control of the Coronavirus Crisis?

Known as COVID-19, coronavirus was first detected in China and which has now been detected in almost 90 locations internationally, including in the United States.

Telling Lies Behind the Podium

Numerous US government officials have announced several times that are ready to help Iran to fight with new coronavirus but their claims did not last only for several hours and immediately, the real truth has proven their baseless sayings.

Threatening Cultural Sites is the Sign of Trump’ Inferiority Complex

Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stated that threatening Iran’s cultural sites by the U.S. president is the sign of international ‘cultural terrorism’.

Al-Azhar, a Controversial University of Arab World

Al-Azhar is a university in Cairo, Egypt which aims at presenting Islamic thought based on moderation as well as achieving excellence and eligibility in education and scientific research.

U.S. & Russian President Chat at Asia-Pacific Summit

U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have chatted at the APEC summit of Asia-Pacific leaders in Vietnam.

Trump Says Hoping for Putin's Assistance in Dealing with North Korea

US President Donald Trump has stated that he was expecting a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, expressing hope for his Russian counterpart's assistance in dealing with North Korean issue.

Trump Warns China to Beware ‘Warrior Nation’ Japan

US President Donald Trump made cryptic remarks warning China that if the crisis on the Korean Peninsula continues, then Beijing will have a “big problem” with the “warrior nation” of Japan.

Trump Releases Secret Martin Luther King Document Included in JFK File

President Donald Trump has released new batch of documents about John F. Kennedy's assassination Friday that included a secret FBI analysis that portrayed civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. in a harshly negative light.

After the Recent Terrorist Attack in New York

Trump Orders Tightening of Refugee Vetting

US President Donald Trump has ordered to step up the US vetting program after the recent terrorist attack in New York.

Clinton Lawyer Kept Dossier of Trump-Russia Allegations Quiet

Marc Elias, a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign, has collected information about the so-called Russian dossier during the 2016 US presidential election campaign.

Trump Promises to Release Declassified Files of JFK Assassination

The US President vowed Friday to make good on his promise to release all declassified files on the killing of President John F. Kennedy after they were published with redactions.

First Charges Filed in Mueller Investigation on Trump Russia Collusion - Report

A federal grand jury has approved the first charges filed by Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller into alleged collusion between the presidential campaign of US President Donald Trump and Russian actors.

Donald Trump’s Unexpected Refugee Program

As a 120-day ban on refugees entering the country came to an end, the White House has announced that the US will temporarily delay processing for refugees from 11 “high risk" nations.

58% of Americans Disapprove of Trump’s Job in Office

The latest Harvard-Harris survey demonstrates that most Americans disapprove of US President Donald Trump’s job in office.

North Korea Insults ‘Lunatic’ Trump For Preparing 24-Hour Nuke Patrols

Following a bombshell report late Sunday evening that the US is preparing to put its B-52 nuclear bombers on 24-hour alert, a North Korean editorial blasted US President Donald Trump as a “hooligan” and a “lunatic,” Sputnik reports.

Dr. Velayati Reacts to Trump's Speech

US President Behavior is not New

Senior adviser to the Supreme Leader in international affairs has stressed that US President Donald Trump’s irrational behavior, who has had no opportunity to study history, is not new.

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