Iran Exporting Nano-Textiles to Europe

An Iranian knowledge-based company is exporting high quality nano-textiles with reasonable price to Italy, England, Russia, Ukraine and Turkmenistan.

Ancient Chewing Gum Reveals Secretes from the Furthest Past

Researchers have recently discovered an ancient chewing gum in an archaeological site in Denmark which is revealing more than 5700 years ago, a girl spat it out.

Kish Island to Host 2018 Middle East– Europe Forum

The University of Tehran and Kish Free Zone Organization in collaboration with four other major Iranian universities will host Middle East– Europe Forum on October 19-21, 2018.

Scientists Need to Share Their Research for Free In Europe

Based on a new rule from 11 European organizations, researchers have to publish every project funded by public grants in an open access journal or platform in 2020.

Brussels to Host 2018 Iran-Europe Cooperation Conference

The 2nd International Iran-Europe Economic and Technological Conference will be held in Brussels on June 21-22, 2018.

Iran to Host Largest EU Scientific Delegation

According to Mehr News Agency, 16 science and technology representatives from 21 European countries will participate in the Iran-EU joint working group meeting and a two-day educational workshop and discuss mutual scientific projects and faculty/student transfer programs.

IAU & Genoa University to Further Academic Cooperation

Officials of Islamic Azad University and Genoa University of Italy talked on expanding research and academic cooperation between the two universities.

IAU Establishes Offices in Germany & Italy

Following the opening of an Islamic Azad University office at Essen and Milan, Dr. Mirzadeh has provided details regarding the plans for expanding the IAU network in Europe.

IAU Negotiates with 18 Embassies on Developing Persian Language

The general director of international affairs of Islamic Azad University has stated that “during the past months, IAU’s authorities have negotiated with 18 embassies on developing Persian language and literature in Asian, North African, and East European countries.”

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