FIRA RoboWorld Cup

Iranian Students Shine in 2019 FIRA RoboWorld Cup

Iranian representatives have succeeded in winning 14 championship, 8 vice-champion and and 5 third place title at the Roboworld Cup in South Korea's Changwon on Friday.

Yazd University Students Advance to FIRA RoboWorld Cup

Students of Yazd University have succeeded to advance to FIRA RoboWorld Cup in the section of sports and the two-dimensional football simulation league.

Iran to Host 2020 FIRA RoboWorld Cup

Iran will host the Federation of International Robot Soccer Association (FIRA) RoboWorld Cup and Congress in 2020.

Iranian Teams Shine 2018 FIRA RoboWorld Cup

The head of the Iranian FIRA National Committee has announced that Iranian robotics teams have shone in the 2018 FIRA RoboWorld Cup, held from August 6 to 11 in Taichung, Taiwan.

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