Graphene oxide

Iranian Researcher Presents a Model to Create Energy Storage Devices

A researcher from Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University, in cooperation with researchers from the University of Manchester and University of Antwerp, has succeeded in presenting a model to grow palladium nanofibers between graphene oxide layers in order to make energy storage devices.

Ravansar IAU Faculty Creates Modified Bitumen Using Nano Graphene Oxide

A faculty member of Ravansar Islamic Azad University has created Modified Bitumen through combining with Nano Graphene Oxide in Tehran Research Institute of Petroleum Industry.

Ayatollah Amoli IAU Faculty Member Creates Sensors Detecting Parkinson & Alzheimer’s

A faculty member from department of Chemistry of Islamic Azad University Ayatollah Amoli has created sensors which can be effective in detecting Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.

IAU Researchers Economically Produce Graphene Quantum Dot and Oxide

Researchers of Nanotechnology Research Center of South Tehran Islamic Azad University have produced economical Graphene Quantum Dot and Graphene oxide.

Shiraz IAU Reduces Graphene Oxide to be Used in Touch Screens

Researchers of Shiraz Islamic Azad University have succeeded in reducing Graphene Oxide which can be applied in producing displays.

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