Hossein Shirzad

The Future of Water Governance:

Collaboration of Iranian Agricultural Cooperatives & Production Cooperatives

Water resources management is a global priority. Throughout the world, there is recognition that water quality and flow are being affected by land use changes. In this regard, Iran has taken many notable actions in line with protecting water resources for decades.

Iran Launches Agricultural Development Cooperative for Seeds

The Agricultural Development Cooperative for Seeds has been established in order to boost the quality and quantity of the improved seeds, announced deputy minister and the chief of the Central Organization of Rural Cooperatives of Iran (CORC).

Iranian Deputy Minister of Agriculture-Jihad:

Iran to Launch 1st Chamber of Agricultural Guilds

An official of Agriculture-Jihad Ministry has announced that by approval of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Central Organization of the Rural Cooperatives (CORC) is going to launch Iran's first chamber of the agricultural guilds by the next six months.

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