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Dr. Velayati:

Establishing IAU Branches Can Further Academic Development

The head of Islamic Azad University, board of directors and trustees, Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati has stated that establishing IAU branches in countries that are culturally, historically and religiously similar to Iran can further academic development.

IAU to Launch Branches in Iraq, Syria and Azerbaijan

The IAU head of International Affairs has announced the forthcoming establishment of branches in Iraq, Syria and Azerbaijan and also the development of entities in Lebanon and Afghanistan.

IAU Runs Oman Office / IAU to Run two New Branches in Europe

The president of Islamic Azad University announced the launch of a new office in Oman.

IAU Establishes Offices in Germany & Italy

Following the opening of an Islamic Azad University office at Essen and Milan, Dr. Mirzadeh has provided details regarding the plans for expanding the IAU network in Europe.

IAU to Increase International Student Admissions

The general director of Islamic Azad University, international affairs, Dr. Hossein Ebrahimi, has announced plans for admitting a thousand non-Iranian students in IAU branches.

Dr. Mirzadeh:

IAU Must Establish Persian Language Courses in International Branches

In the 139th meeting of IAU’s board of directors, the president of Islamic Azad University has emphasized the importance of establishing courses on Persian Language and Literature, Iranian civilization, and Islamic-Iranian Art in IAU’s international branches.

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