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Bethlehem Church, a Must-See Attraction in Isfahan/ In Photos

This Armenian Apostolic 17th-century church can be found in Isfahan, Iran's showstopper Safavid city that bedecked each street with glorious monuments and buildings. Bethlehem Church was constructed and completed in 1627. The walls bear elaborate paintings, representing a combination of Iranian and Italian artistic styles. They are mostly painted by European and Armenian artists depicting stories from the Gospel and Torah.

Iranian Researchers Remove Sulfur from Fuels

Researchers from University of Isfahan have succeeded to remove sulfur from crude oil which is an important aspect of all countries to reduce air pollution.

Mahdi Salehi

Angourestan- e Malek, a Must See Historical Site in Isfahan/ In Photos

Angourestan- e Malek, located in Malek Street, Isfahan, was built in the early Qajar dynasty. Malek Al Tojjar was one of the richest merchants of Qajar period. The house was dedicated to Imam Hossein. Different religious ceremonies are held in this house in Imam Hossein’s honor.

Persian Language Center Established in Yazd University

A Persian Language Learning Center has been run in Yazd University in order to standardize teaching Persian language to non-Iranian students.

Germany to Co-op with Isfahan University of Art on Iranian Architecture

Otto Friedrich University Bamberg and Isfahan University of Art has signed a cooperation MoU in the field of arrays of Iranian architecture.

IAU, Isfahan Chamber of Commerce Ink MoU

Islamic Azad University and Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ECCIMA) have signed a research and cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Isfahan to Host Int’l Conference on Regional Economics

Director of Scientific and International affairs of the University of Isfahan has stated that the university in cooperation with Silk-road Universities Network (SUN) will hold International Conference on Regional Economics.

Isfahan, Lebanon Universities to Admit Joint-PhD Students

University of Isfahan in cooperation with Lebanese Universities will admit PhD students.

IAU President:

IAU, Chamber of Commerce Cooperation Will be Effective in Smart Regional Development

The president of Islamic Azad University has stated that based on real ecosystem, the university has decided to cooperate with chamber of science.

Isfahan to Host 2nd Int’l Conference on Green University

Deputy Minister for Fiscal and Human Resources has announced that the 2nd International Conference on Green University will be held in Isfahan from April 30 to May 1, 2019.

University of Isfahan to Hold Persian Language Course for Korean Students

The head of International and Scientific Cooperation Office in the University of Isfahan has announced on holding Persian Language Learning Courses for Korean students in future.

Iranian Researchers Transform Iron Boring Scraps to Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles

Researchers from Isfahan University of Technology have transformed iron boring scraps to superparamagnetic nanoparticles through an aerobic biological route.

IASP 2018 Kicked Off in Isfahan

The 35th World Conference on Science and Technology Parks, began in Isfahan's Science and Research Town (ISTT) with the presence of senior Iranian and foreign science officials from more than 30 countries and experts in Science and Technology Parks from 50 nations.

Isfahan to Host the 8th Int’l Conference Sustainable Development

The 8th International Conference on Sustainable development & Urban Construction will be held in Isfahan province on December 13, 2018.

Najafabad IAU Researchers Produce Nanocomposite to Eradicate Cancerous Bone Cells

Researcher of Najafabad Islamic Azad University in cooperation with Isfahan University of Medical Sciences have succeeded in producing a nanocomposite which are able to solve essential problems after implantation including inflammation and osteomyelitis and also bone cancerous tissues through hyperthermia treatment.

Khomeyni Shahr IAU to Run Italy Rock and Stone Institute

Khomeyni Shahr Islamic Azad University, Italian Natural Stone Industry and Mining Commission of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce have held joint meeting to discuss running Italy Rock and Stone Institute in Iran.

Isfahan to Host 2018 World Conference on Science Parks

Isfahan will host the 35th edition of World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation during September 2-5, 2018.

IAU Graduate Chosen as the Chairman of WAMS Council of Asia

Iranian researcher and graduate student of Islamic Azad University has been elected as the chairman of World Academy of Medical Sciences (WAMS).

Isfahan to Hold World Conference on Science Parks

The International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) will hold the 35th edition of World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation from September 2 to 5 at the Isfahan Science and Technology Park.

Iran Int’l Center for Rock Research Run in Khomeyni Shahr IAU

Iran International Center for Rock Research has been run in Islamic Azad University, Khomeyni Shahr branch.

Isfahan IAU Researcher Creates Gender Recognition Database From Iris Images

A computer engineer researcher from Isfahan Islamic Azad University has created a database gender recognition database from iris images with high standard quality and can be widely used in identification, traffic control, marketing and banking systems .

Isfahan IAU Researchers Create Interactive Robot for Teaching English Language

Researchers of Isfahan Islamic Azad University have designed and made an interactive robot which is able to interact with language learners by carrying out conversations and asking and answering questions.

Switzerland to Run Swiss Desk in Isfahan University of Technology

The head of Isfahan University of Technology has announced on developing cooperation with universities in Switzerland.

Iranian Researcher Develops Anticancer Nanocarriers Using Propolis Wax

Researchers from Isfahan University of Technology have developed functional nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) using beeswax (BW), propolis wax (PW) and pomegranate seed oil (PSO).

Isfahan IAU Ranks 3rd in 20th ACI Iran Chapter Annual Convention

For the third consecutive year, a student concrete team, Naqsh-e Jahan, from Islamic Azad University of Isfahan has succeeded to rank 3rd in the 20th American Concrete Institute-Iran Chapter Annual Convention and Student Competitions.

Isfahan IAU Students Snatch 2 Bronze in the 8th Int’l C’ships in Tehran

Two students of Islamic Azad University of Isfahan have won bronze medals in the 8th International Championship held in Tehran, Iran.

Isfahan IAU Students Shine in RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2017

Students of Islamic Azad University of Isfahan have got two first places in Thailand Robotics Week 2017 and RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2017 held in 14-17 December 2017.

Isfahan University of Art & Kazan University Ink MoU

Isfahan University of Art and Russia's Kazan State University of Culture and Arts have signed a cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for broadening of bilateral ties.

Iranian Researchers Create Method for Fast Cancer Cells Detection

Researchers of Department of chemistry, University of Isfahan in cooperation with Cancer Research Centre of Lyon (CRCL), a research structure affiliated with the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, have successfully presented an inexpensive and simple method for early detection of cancer cells.

Iran is Beautiful/ Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Hilal ibn Ali, Magnificent Islamic Architectural Shrine

The magnificent Shrine of Hilal ibn Ali is located in Aran-Bidgol near Kashan, Isfahan province, central Iran.

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