Journalists Day

IAU President: Journalists are Pioneers in Raising Public Awareness in Society

The president of Islamic Azad University congratulated National Journalists Day in Iran.‎

Ali Taghipoor

Aug. 8, Journalists' Day in ISCA News Agency / In Photos

Islamic Republic of Iran's News Agency’s (IRNA) reporter Mahmoud Saremi, and 8 Iranian diplomats were killed by Taliban militants in the city of Mazari Sharif in Northen Afghanistan on August 8 1998. “Journalists' Day” in Iran marks a national day to respect those who seek the truth even at war zones.

On the Occasion of National Journalists' Day

IAU President Visits ISCA News Agency

On the occasion of “Journalists' Day”, the president of Islamic Azad University, Dr. Farhad Rahbar, visited Iran Student Correspondents Association, ISCA News Agency.

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