President Rouhani

Rouhani: Students Are the Representatives of the better Future

The president of Islamic Republic of Iran described the dynamism of student movement as the fruit of three idealist students and stated: “Authorities are the representatives of our society’s current reality and students are the representatives of the better future, and freer and more prosperous Iran”.

President Rouhani Message to Uruguay Health Event

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned about the threats to global peace and ever-increasing number of refugees, saying that they have both jeopardized public health and created challenges for the host nations.

Iranian President Rouhani Congratulates Iran's Wushu Team's Championship

Iran's President has congratulated Iran's Wushu team's championship and its historic record in the 14th edition of World Wushu Championships in Russia.

Vast Voter Turnout:

Iranian President Rouhani Re-elected

Incumbent President Hassan Rouhani was decisively chosen as the victor of the country’s presidential election, giving him a second four-year term to fulfill his goals in seeking greater freedoms and reaching out to the wider world.

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